Judith Durham AO, Kutcha Edwards and others launch their pioneering new lyrics for a new Australian National Anthem ‘Lyric for Contemporary Australia’.

25 September 2016:

Peter Vickery begins writing a new third verse to the National Anthem. 

26 January 2017:

Sue Bulger, CEO of the Brungle-Tumut Local Aboriginal Council, launching the Recognition in Anthem Project at a community Australia Day ceremony.


January / February 2017

The late Richard Gill AO (4 November 1941 – 28 October 2018) advises the Recognition in Anthem Project on the musical pattern and scan for a new piece.


25 March 2017:

Baritone, Don Bemrose (Gungarri), performed the first singing of the early ('Minimal Change') version of the RAP song.


7 April 2017:

Visit the NITV website which includes an online article on the Recognition in Anthem Project under 'Latest News and Features' at


27 April 2017:

The first public performance of the early 'Minimal Change' version of the RAP song was sung by the choir of the Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College, or North Sydney, at the school's ANZAC Day Commemorative Service. The Monte choir was accompanied by the school orchestra. 


July 2017:

Work begins on the new RAP song ‘Beneath the Southern Cross’.


8 October 2017:

The song ‘Beneath the Southern Cross’ is completed as a working draft.

Inaugural singing of the working draft 'Beneath the Southern Cross' by the choirs of 'Sing Australia' at its National Convention, Hobart, Australia. 


15 February 2018:

 RAP Founder, Peter Vickery invited to meet up with Bob Hawke in his Sydney office to discuss the RAP Project. Bob Hawke endorses a draft of the themes of 'Beneath the Southern Cross' as “capturing the spirit of our great country”.

April 2018

Lyrics of 'Beneath the Southern Cross' are finalised as a working model, and a ‘Minimalist Change’ model is worked on.

19 April 2018:

Former Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon RJL Hawke AC, endorses the RAP project and the lyrics of 'Beneath the Southern Cross' as in his opinion, they “capture the spirit of our great country”.



14 June 2018:

Inaugural singing of the finalised lyrics of 'Beneath the Southern Cross' by the Year 10 students of Lauriston Girls’ School, Melbourne. 


15 February 2019:

 NRL All Stars captain, Cody Walker, and NRL immortal Mal Meninga call for change to the Australian National Anthem, Cody saying that the Australian National Anthem does not represent him or his family.

16 May 2019:

The Honourable Robert James Lee (Bob) Hawke AC GCL, 23rd Prime Minister of Australia passes away.

14 June 2019:

The lyrics of the ‘Minimalist Change’ model “Advance Australia Fair 2.0” are completed and adopted as the Recognition in Anthem Project lyrics. The piece is dedicated to the late, the Honourable Robert James Lee (Bob) Hawke AC GCL (9 December 1929 – 16 May 2019). State Memorial Service for Bob Hawke, conducted at the Sydney Opera House, on Friday 14 June 2019. The dedication of  “Advance Australia Fair 2.0” to Bob Hawke reads: “Bob Hawke gave us our National Anthem in 1984 – in his last years he supported its change for the Australia of the 21st century.”

14 September 2019:

Article by Peter Vickery, Published by the Fairfax media in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, with supporting articles written by SMH Senior Reporter, Julie Lewis. The editors entitled the article ‘Anthem’s inexcusable hurt can be simply fixed’. Radio interviews conducted with Peter Vickery on the Macquarie Radio network, 3AW and 6PR, and on the ABC.

15 September 2019:

“Advance Australia Fair 2.0” sung by the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir, together with choirs Soul Harvest, Aurora, Asente Sana and Navataparop at the Desert Song Festival, Ormiston Gorge, Alice Springs, Australia, conducted by Morris Stuart. This has been the product of 3 years of consultation with Elders and the community at large, including some final tweaking of some of the words suggested by the Choirs at Alice Springs and the Australian public following ‘road-testing‘ and publicity given to the piece. See the new piece as performed on 15 September 2019 on YouTube here.