Who We Are

The Recognition in Anthem Project - The Recognition in Anthem Project is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered unincorporated entity on the

Australian Business Register (ABN 30 884 101 892)



Peter Vickery, the writer of the new second and third verses of 'Advance Australia Fair II', based on the refrain and music by Peter Dodds McCormick (1878).


Executive Committee


Don Bemrose (Gungarri)  

Gungarri Baritone, Don Bemrose is cementing himself as one of Australia’s leading male opera singers creating strong Aboriginal male operatic roles in three new Australian operas with a fourth in development. Don graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Music Performance from the Victorian College of Arts, University of Melbourne, further honing his craft and training his lyric baritone voice with Vocal Teacher, Raymond Connell.

Sue Bulger (Wiradjuri) 

Sue Bulger is the CEO of the Brungle-Tumut Local Aboriginal Council in Tumut, New South Wales. Sue is a Wiradjuri Elder and occupied the position as the first Indigenous Mayor of the Shire of Tumut. 



Dr Chris Sarra (Gurang Gurang)

Dr Chris Sarra is the Public Spokesperson for the Recognition in Anthem Project.

In the late 1990s, Dr Sarra became the first Aboriginal principal of Cherbourg State School where he made significant changes to the way that Indigenous students experienced education. He challenged the whole school community to have high expectations of Indigenous students and fostered the ‘strong and smart’ approach which embraced a strong and positive sense of what it means to be Aboriginal in contemporary Australian society. This success led to the formation of the Stronger Smarter Institute (formerly known as the Indigenous Education Leadership Institute) which was established in 2005 as an innovative partnership between Education Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology. By July 2015, the Stronger Smarter Institute has facilitated 92 programs and attracted over 1,900 participants, and thereby directly impacted on the lives of over 38,000 Indigenous students. In 2013 the Institute moved to its next phase of development as an independent, non-profit organisation.

 In 2004, Dr Sarra became Queenslander of the Year, and in 2010 he was Queensland's Australian of the Year. He sits on the Australian Rugby League Commission.

In 2017 Dr Sarra was appointed to the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council.


Dr Martin Haskett

Dr Martin Haskett is from Victoria where he pursued a distinguished career as a medical practitioner specialising in dermatology. His awareness of the emotional impact of singing on the singers, and his travels in Australia have made him keenly aware of the benefits to the nation of the RAP.


Secretary (and Public Officer)

Rami Marginean

Rami Marginean is the Secretary and Public Officer of RAP, and assists with the management of the website.